Dried Pepper

Dried Pepper

Dried Pepper
1.stomach, help digestion.
2.prevention of gallstones.
3.improve heart function.
4.lower blood sugar.
5. relieve skin pain.
6.pepper to lose weight.
7. prevent cold.
8. skin beauty.
9. lipid-lowering diet.

Product Details

Product Titles:Dried Pepper

Product Description

Product nameDried Pepper

Colorpurplish red, bright red

StemWith or Without

Heat8,000-100,000 SHU


Packing 3kgs, 5kgs, 10kgs and 25kgs in PP/Jute/Cartoon box ,50kg/compressed bag,10kg/vacuum bag, 20kg/woven bag, 25lbs/carton

CropNew crop


moisture15% max

crushed 4% max

admixture1% max

ShipmentWithin 10days after signing in the sale contract

OriginIndia,Guntur,Andhra Pradesh,India

Stem and stem less

VarietyTeja/S17, Baydgi, 334/S4 and Endo-5

Qualityit is to be accepted by europen regions, north and south american regions and japan.

Product Nutritional value

1.Pepper is rich in vitamin C, can control heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol;

2.Pepper contains more antioxidants, can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases;

3.Not fragrant meal, appetite reduced, put some pepper in the food can improve appetite, increase appetite;

4.Pepper has a strong role in promoting blood circulation, can improve the cold, frostbite, vascular headache and other symptoms;

5.Pepper contains a special substance that can speed up the metabolism of good news to achieve the effect of burning body fat, which play a weight-loss effect; this substance can also promote hormone secretion, the skin has a good cosmetic and health effects, is the female "supplements 

Product Function

1. stomach, help digestion.

As mentioned earlier, pepper on the mouth and gastrointestinal stimulation, can enhance gastrointestinal motility, promote digestive secretion, improve appetite, and can inhibit abnormal intestinal fermentation. Some medical and nutrition experts in our country conducted surveys on Hunan and Sichuan provinces and found that the prevalence of peptic ulcer in these provinces and regions that generally eat peppers is much lower than that in other provinces and autonomous regions. This is because pepper can stimulate the release of prostaglandin E2, is conducive to promoting gastric mucosal regeneration, maintaining gastrointestinal cell function, prevention and treatment of gastric ulcer.

2.prevention of gallstones.

Eat green pepper can prevent gallstones. Green pepper is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, can make the body of excess cholesterol into bile acids, which prevent gallstones, who have been suffering from gallstones eat more vitamin C-rich green pepper, to alleviate the disease have a role.

Red Apple Red Pepper Prevention Breast Cancer - Researchers recently found that red apple and red pepper and other "red skin" fruits and vegetables on breast cancer and other cancer diseases have a preventive effect.

3.improve heart function.

To pepper as the main raw material, with garlic, hawthorn extract and vitamin E, made of "health products", after eating can improve heart function and promote blood circulation. In addition, chili peppers can reduce fat, reduce thrombosis, cardiovascular disease have a preventive effect.

4.lower blood sugar.

To the scientists through experiments that capsaicin can significantly lower blood sugar levels.

5. relieve skin pain.

The study found that capsaicin can alleviate many diseases caused by skin pain.

6.pepper to lose weight.

Pepper contains a component that can dilate blood vessels, stimulate the body's heat system, effectively burning body fat, speed up the metabolism, so that the body's heat consumption speed, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

7. prevent cold

Spicy food Tongli lung gas, Tongdaqie table, smooth blood vessels of the "three links" role.

8. skin beauty.

Pepper can promote hormone secretion in the body, improve skin condition. Many people think that eating spicy chickenpox, in fact, is not a problem of pepper. Only inherently love the constitution of Zhangdou, pepper will be eaten after the fire.

9. lipid-lowering diet.